Adler’s How to Read a Book,
                             Study Questions 16-25

                             Part III: Chaps. 13-19

16. According to Adler, what should a reader look for when reading a practical book?

17. What is Adler’s main advice about how to read stories, plays and poems?

18. What are Adler’s suggestions for reading social science (anthropology, economics,
politics, law, education, psychology)?

                            Part IV: Chaps. 20-21

19. What does Adler mean, in your own words, by "syntopical reading"?

20. What does Adler consider the primary ingredient in "active reading"?

21. According to Adler, what do good books do for us?

22. How does Adler define, or describe, a "good book"?

23. How does Adler define, or describe, a "great book"? How is a "great book" different
from a "good book"?

24. How many "great books" does Adler think there are, altogether?

25. What is Adler’s recommended method, or "test," for a reader to select ten great