Adler’s How to Read a Book,
                                Study Questions 8-15

                                Part II: Chaps. 6-12

8. What lies "hidden between the covers" of every book, according to Adler?
(Clue: his metaphor for "outline.")

9. What does Adler consider "the heart" of an author’s communication: "the most
important thing an author has to say?"

10. What must you be able to say, honestly, before you can criticize a book fairly,
according to Adler?

11. After reading a book and understanding it, what are the three conditions which
a reader should meet before stating his or her disagreement with the author?

12. What are four ways to criticize a book "fairly," according to Adler?

13. According to Adler, what are the "Great Books" and what do they provide for
readers today?

14. Should commentaries be used before or after reading a new book? Why?

15. What critical information is usually omitted from encyclopedias?