GBT 2 Study Questions Pt. 3
The Aeneid

11. Aeneid, I-V

1. Notice how Virgil introduces Aeneas in the opening lines (1-50).  What words, phrases, and concepts does he use to identify his great hero?

2. Identify any parallels which you can find between Virgil's introduction in the Aeniad and Homer's introduction in the Iliad.

3. What reasons does Virgil indicate in Book 1 for Juno's great anger against the Trojans?

4. In Virgil's famous simile about Neptune in Book 1, lines 201-215, to what is Nepture compared?

5. In Jupiter's speech in Book 1, lines 347-398, which Roman emperor does Virgil exalt as a descendent of Aeneas?  What does Virgil say about him?

6. Who does Venus send to Dido, and why?   What happens?

Table Of Gods And Goddesses: Greek and Roman Names

Greek nameRoman NamePurpose
ZeusJupiterKing of the gods
HeraJunoQueen of the gods, goddess of marriage of childbirth
Pallas AthenaMinervaGoddess of wisdom
PoseidonNeptuneKing of the sea, patron of horses
AphroditeVenusGoddess of love
ErosCupidSon of Venus, god of love
AresMarsGod of war
ArtemisDianaGoddess of the moon, of the hunt and of chastity
Phoebus ApolloApolloSun-God, god of healing,
Patron of the arts
DemeterCeresGoddess of seed-time and Harvest
PersephoneProserpinaQueen of the underworld,
Daughter of Ceres
HadesPlutoKing of the underworld
KronosSaturnFather of Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune, ruler of the order of gods
HermesMercuryMessenger of the gods
DionysusBacchusGod of wine
HephaestusVulcanGod of fire

7. In Book 2, what convinces the Trojans to bring the great wooden horse into the city?

8. Who warns Aeneas not to fight, but to escape the city?  What reason is Aeneas given?  What is he supposed to take with him?

9. Who does Aeneas attempt to kill on the way out of the city?  Who stops him?  Who does Aeneas rescue, even though he doesn't want to be rescued?  How does he rescue him?  Who does Aeneas lose?

10. In Book 3, what forces Aeneas and his men away from Crete?  What do the Phryian hearth-gods tell Aeneas in his sleep?

11. Also, in Book 3, what is the first location which Aeneas leaves without being forced, but simply because he recognizes and accepts his destiny to reach Italy?   Whose advice does Aeneas seek out?  What is warned to do, and what to avoid?

12. In Book 4, what simile does Virgil use to describe the love of Dido for Aeneas?  What does Jupiter do when Aeneas seems to have forgotten his destiny?   How does Aeneas respond?

13. How does Aeneas honor his father in Book 5?

12. Aeneid, VI-VIII

1. What role did Helen have in the death of Deiphobus?

2. Who are the two "sons" spoken of in Book 6, line 1120?

3. What does Anchises say the future destiny of Rome is?

4. What omens did king Latinus receive that convinced him Lavinia ought not to marry Turnus?

5. What omen convinced the Trojans their days of wandering were over?

6. What means does Juno employ to incite war in Italy?

7. Why is kind Evander willing to side with Aeneas?

8. Compare the shield of Achilles with that of Aeneas.

13. Aeneid, IX-XII

1. What task do Euryalus and Nisas attempt to accomplish?

2. What section of the Iliad does book nine resemble?

3. How is Turnus tricked into leaving the battlefield in  Book 10?

4. Summarize the conditions set forward in the vows that are to govern the outcomes of Turnus and Aeneas’ combat in Book 12.

5. What misleading omen did Juturna perform in order to restart the fighting?

6. Why was Turnus sword broken so easily?

7. When compared with the Iliad, does this story have a satisfactory conclusion?  Explain why, or why not.