GBT 2 Study Questions Pt. 6
Roman Lives

21. Plutarch: Lives of Caesar and Cato the Younger

Over the past year and a half we have study many types of character; orators, tyrants, the "great-souled", the courageous, the just. Which of these types is Caesar? Which is Cato?


2. What comparison did Caesar make that caused him to see himself of meager accomplishment?

3. What factor’s contributed to Caesar’s military success?

4. How did Caesar gain the favor of the people?

5. What event brought about the destruction of the library at Alexandria?

6. Plutarch says that Caesar "had a passion after honor." Do you agree?


7. What similarities do you see in the Roman political situation to that of our own today?

8. Why did Cato have such influence with the common people?

9. Why did Cato not follow the ambitious paths of Caesar?

10. Why did Cato kill himself? Is that act consistent with his character?