Oxford Summary Chart

Historical EventsGBT III
c. 4 BC- Birth of Christ  
14 AD- Death of Augustus Caesar  
c. 30 AD- Death/Resurrection of Christ 
64 AD- Nero blames fire on Christians 
79 AD- Mount Vesuvius erupts 
303 AD- Persecution under Diocletion 
313 AD- Constantine grants toleration 
410 AD- Visigoths sack Rome 354-430 AD- Augustine, Confessions, City of God
550 AD- Justinian codifies Roman law 
800 AD- Charlemagne crowned emperor  
936 AD- Otto I founds the Holy Roman empire 
1066 AD- Normans conquer Britain c.1033-1109 AD- Anselm, Cur Deus Homo,
1162 AD- Thomas a Becket is made Archbishop of Canterbury by Henry II 
1215 AD- Magna Carta signed by King John 1225-1274 AD- Aquinas, Summa Theologica
1291 AD- Crusades end with Muslim rout of Christians1265-1321 AD- Dante, The Divine Comedy
1348-1351 AD- Black Plague kills more than 25 million1342-1400 AD- Chaucer, Canterbury Tales
1453 AD- 100 Years' War ends; Renaissance begins  
1454 AD- Gutenburg invents movable-type printing press 
1492 AD- Columbus discovers West Indies 
1517 AD- Martin Luther initiates the Reformation1469-1527 AD- Machiavelli, The Prince
1522 AD- Magellan circumnavigates the world