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Latin Vowels, Diphthongs & Consonants


                                                            Long                                     Short

                                             as in father                      a     as in cup
                                             as in they                         e     as in pet
                                              as in machine                   i     as in dip
                                             as in clover                      o     as in pot
                                             as in fool                          u     as in put



ae        as in high
au        as in how
ei         as in day
          eu         as in 'red-blue'
oe        as in boy
    ui         as in gooey



        c         always hard as in can, never soft as in city
        g         always hard as in get, never soft as in gem
        i        as the 'y' in yes at the beginning of words and between vowels
        qu     as the 'kw' sound in quick
        s        as in see, never as in ease
        t          always hard as in tired, never soft as in nation
        v        the sound of our 'w' as in what