The Horse & His Boy
                                                 Chapters 1-7

                                          STUDY QUESTIONS

1. In Chap. 1 the boy, Shasta, meets the Talking Horse, Bree.   The horse is from Narnia.  Shasta hears about Narnia for the first time.  There is at least one Biblical allusion (i.e. an indirect reference or correspondence) in this chapter.  Can you find it (Ps. 84:10)?

2. In Chap. 2 Shasta meets a Calormene girl and her Talking Horse, Hwin.  What brings the children together during their midnight ride in the moonlight?  Do they seem like the kind of characters who would have joined up on their own?  How are they alike?   How are they different?  What does Shasta learn about the girl and her horse in this chapter?

3. Why is the girl trying to escape to Narnia?  What did she do to her maid?  How did Hwin help her?  Why does Shasta feel snubbed and turn red?  In this chapter (3) the children make plans to pass through Tashbaan. It is necessary that they do, but very dangerous, because of the risk that they will be caught.  What is their plan to hide their identities and avoid capture?

4. What happens to Shasta in Chap. 4?  Whom does he meet?  How do they treat him?  How does he respond?

5. In Chap. 5  Edmund and Susan learn that they will be treated as prisoners if Susan refuses to marry Rabadash.  Who had warned them about that danger earlier?  Who now proposes a plan for escape?  What does Shasta learn about Prince Corin in this chapter?  Where had he been?  What had he been doing?  What does that reveal about Corin’s character?

6. Shasta meets Aslan near the Tombs in Chap. 6.  What form does Aslan take?  How does He help Shasta? 

7.  What two people is Aravis surprised to see in Tashbaan in Chap. 7?  Although she agrees to help, how is her friend different from Aravis?

                            The Horse & His Boy             
Chapters 8-15

                                     STUDY QUESTIONS

8. In Chap. 8 how does Prince Rabadash plan to capture Queen Susan after she has escaped?  What does Aravis learn about the prince’s father, the Tisroc, while she is secretly eavesdropping?   How does he feel about the his son, Prince Rabadash?  Can you imagine a Narnian king feeling that way about his son (or daughter)?  What does the Tisroc think about his son’s plan to capture Anvard?

9. What sound does Shasta hear for the first time in Chap. 9?  What might that symbolize in the story?  Clue: this bird often sings at night.  What more do we learn about the character of the horses in this chapter?  Which horse seems more courageous and noble than the other?  Why?

10. Who is the hero in Chap. 10?  Why?  What does the author say in this chapter about doing good deeds?  Do you think he may be right?  Why, or why not?  What does the Hermit tell Aravis about “luck” and her wounds?  What does he tell Bree about his “disgrace”?

11. Shasta has another encounter with Aslan in Chap. 11.   How does Aslan help him?  How had He helped Shasta before, even though Shasta wasn’t aware of it?  What does Aslan tell Shasta?

12.  Which creatures help Shasta in Chap. 12?  What do they do for him?

13. In Chap. 13 Shasta finally realizes what it was that the Lion had been doing when they had crossed the mountain pass together earlier.  What was it?  Who is watching the Battle of Anvard through a magic pool some miles away?  In Mere Christianity C.S. Lewis says that pride (self-conceit) is a great sin and “the utmost evil.”  Lewis believed that God sometimes uses humor to help free us from our pride.  It depends on how we respond.  What humorous thing happens to Rabadash in this chapter?  How does he respond?  Why does it seem appropriate that it would happen to this particular character?       

14. A funny thing happens to Bree in Chap. 14.  What is it?  Can you see any similarities between Bree and Rabadash?  What does Aslan say to Bree?  What does Aslan say to Aravis?  What does she learn about the wounds (“scratches”) she received from the Lion earlier?  Whom is Aravis surprised to meet from Archenland?  To whom does Aravis apologize?

15. In Chap. 15 Rabadash meets Aslan.  What does Aslan tell him to do?  What does Aslan do when Rabadash refuses?  How is the justice of Aslan mixed with mercy?

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