The Last Battle
                                                Chapters 1-8

                                          STUDY QUESTIONS

1. What are the names of the two creatures introduced in Chap. 1?  What do their names make you think of?  Do their names seem appropriate?  How would you describe personalities?  Their character?   How are they different?  Do you know any humans like them?  What does the donkey want to do with the lionskin?  The donkey carries “panniers” on his back.  What are panniers?

2. In Chap. 2 King Tirian acts “rashly.”  What does “rash” mean?  What does Tirian do that is rash?  At the beginning of this chapter Tirian is given some good, wise counsel.  What is the counsel?  Who is it that brings this counsel to the king?  How well does Tirian listen to his counsel and act upon it?  Which creature does Roonwit say will never lie?  What conclusion does Roonwit draw from this fact? 

3. In Chap. 3 Tirian begins to believe the lie that Aslan is doing these terrible things.  How does it make him feel?  What does he say it would be like, if Aslan wasn’t really like the Aslan they had believed and longed for?   What does Jewel say it would be like?  The Ape is both comical and evil.  What does he tell the other animals about “freedom”?  Which of the creatures challenges what the Ape says?  Which of the creatures seems pleased with the idea that “Aslan means no more than Tash”?  What was Tirian about to say when he was struck by the guards?  How much difference do you think it would have made if Tirian had been allowed to speak those words?

4. Which creatures help Tirian in Chap. 4?  How do they help him?  What does Tirian witness in front of the fire?  Are there any clues which should indicate that the creature he sees is not Aslan?   Not only has he never seen Aslan before, but Tirian has never seen any other lion either.  What thought reassures him that the stiff, clumsy, yellow thing could not be Aslan?  What happens when Tirian calls to Aslan for help?  What does he see in his dream, or vision?

5.  About how long in earth time did it take for the children to come after they heard Tirian’s call for help?  How long was it in Narnian before they arrived?  About how long had Rilian been dead since the children were last in Narnia?  How did the children think they would get into Narnia?  Why didn’t that work?  

6. What is the North Star called in Narnia?  How did Tirian find his directions as they travel through the night in the dark?  What does the noise of the far-off drumbeat indicate?  What does Lucy find in the stable?  Why does Tirian call her “malapert” (unbecomingly bold or saucy)?

7.  In Chap. 7 the Calormene soldier refers to his captives as “manikins.”  Why?  Tirian calls the chief Calormene a “miscreant.”  What does that mean?   What does the Black Dwarf’s name make you think of?  Does the name seem to fit his temperament?  Why or why not?   How is Tirian surprised by the dwarfs?  Whom do the dwarfs say they are for?  Which of the dwarfs joins Tirian’s side?  He reports that Ginger the Cat has made up a story to explain Tirian’s disappearance.  What is it?

8. What evil creature makes a surprising appearance in Narnia in Chap. 8?  What term does Poggin use for this creature?  When Jill expresses a longing to visit Narnia in happier, more peaceful times, how does Jewel the Unicorn comfort her?  Farsight the Eagle brings more bad news later, including the dying words of Roonwit, the Centaur.  What message did Roonwit send?  Can you see any similarity between the words of comfort of Roonwit and the earlier words of Jewel? 

                                  The Last Battle
Chapters 9-16

                                     STUDY QUESTIONS

9. Jewel the Unicorn gives King Tirian some noble counsel at the beginning of Chap  9.  What is his counsel?  Notice how Eustace and Jill echo Jewel’s words when they plead with Tirian to allow them to stay.  How does Jill say that she would prefer to die?  How does Eustace respond?  What do they suspect may have happened at the railway station back home?  At the end of this chapter Jill realizes the “devilish cunning” of the enemy.  How had the enemy made their lie far stronger?

10. In Chap. 10, after the arrival of Tash, which is the only creature to enter the stable and come out alive?  What happens?  Who is the only Calormene to volunteer to enter the stable because he wants to  meet Tash?  What comment does Jewel make to King Tirian as this Calormene enters the stable?

 11. In Chap. 11 Shift finally gets what he deserved.  What is it?  What does Farsight the Eagle say about it, when he sees the look on Rishda Tarkaan’s face?  Which group of beasts joins Tirian’s side unanimously?   In this chapter the Dwarfs commit an unbelievably evil act.  What is it?  When he sees Jill weeping, what does Tirian say to her? 

12. How do the Dwarf’s help in Chap. 12?  What is their goal?  Where do Tirian and his group find a refreshing drink of water?  Once the Last Battle begins, what factor gives the enemy an overwhelming advantage?  Once Tirian realizes this, how does he respond?  Does he give up?   What does he do with the Tarkaan?  Inside the stable he hears Aslan speak to Tash.  What does Aslan say?  Where else in the Chronicles of Narnia have we heard about “lawful prey”?

13. In Chap. 13 Tirian is surprised to discover a whole world inside the tiny stable.  What does he find growing on the trees?  Can you find any parallels with Rev. 22:1-5?  How does Lewis describe the fruit?  What does Lucy say “once had something inside it that was bigger than our whole world”?  Why can’t Aslan do more for the Dwarfs?

14. Whom does Aslan awake in Chap. 14 to call the stars home?  Jesus said that one of the signs of his return would be stars falling from heaven (Mk. 13:24-25).  Can you find any other Biblical parallels or allusions in this chapter (cf. Matt. 25)?  Whom is Peter surprised to meet in Aslan’s country?  Whom does Aslan command to shut the door?

15. In this chapter Emeth tells his story.  He reports his meeting with Aslan.  How did Aslan explain what had happened to him?  Is there anything in the Bible to support what Aslan did (cf. Matt. 7:7-8).  Whom is Jill surprised to meet In this chapter?  How does Digory explain “the real Narnia” to Peter?

16. As the children go “further up and further in,” how do they cross the great waterfall?  Who comes out to greet them when they reach the walled garden?  What does he invite them to do?  Are they finished going “further up and further in”?  What does Jill realize about the garden?  How is it like the stable?

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