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The current list has been prepared for 2011-2012. 
            Last update: July 29, 2011.
Great Books/Classic Lit. 1
Great Books/Classic Lit. 2
Great Books/Classic Lit. 3
Latin 1
Latin 2

Shakespeare 1, 2 & 3
Writers' Workshop

                                        Oxford Introduction to Online Purchasing

For those of you who may have qualms about using amazon.com or other online booksellers, please allow me to reassure you.  I have purchased literally hundreds of books through amazon (new & used) and other online booksellers over the past six years, and I am 100% pleased with their service.  I have never experienced a single snag.  If you prefer, you may want to check out your local used bookstores instead.  I would encourage that.  However, you can buy most of your Oxford books online through Amazon.com. It is safe and simple to order books over the internet, and with a savings of up to 40% off the cover price. Simply click on the title of the book you wish to order and you will be taken to the secure pages of the Amazon.com site where you will see the price and other information about the title. To order more than one book, place a desired item in your "shopping basket" at the Amazon site, then hit the "Back" button on your brower until you arrive here again. Make another selection and simply add it to your basket.  All items you put in the basket will be listed with a total amount.  You can also do a search from this page for any book you are interested in.

When purchasing through Amazon.com, your credit card information will be safely encrypted, and your books will be shipped directly to you.  If you are concerned about the security of your personal information when ordering over the internet, please visit the Amazon.com payment options, security, and privacy page.  To see Amazon's wide range of shipping options, see Amazon.com shipping options.   If you have questions about your orders or using the Amazon.com system, please direct them to Amazon's home page by clicking the Amazon logo at the top of this page.  The "mail us" link at the bottom of their pages gives you a list of the appropriate contacts there at Amazon.

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