Parts of Speech
Simple Summary

Part of Speech

Function or "job"



1. Verb

expresses an action or state of being

run, study, live, be, have, do, like, work, sing, can, must

I am a student.  This is fun.  We like music.  They sing all the time.

2. Noun

names a person, place, thing or idea

Dick, Jane, music, town, justice, student, teacher, audience

This is my car. He lives in my house. We often travel to London.

3. Adjective

describes (modifies) a noun or pronoun

a/an, the, five, some, good, big, red, this, that, my, your, our

Look at the red car.  The engine is huge.  My house is empty.

4. Adverb

describes (modifies) a verb, adjective or adverb

quickly, silently, well, badly, really, very, ever, not, too (VENT)

His car goes very fast. She feels badly about it.  I am really sorry.

5. Pronoun

replaces a noun

I, you, he, she, each, nobody, this, that, these, those, who, which, Who?

It belongs to me.  They are students.  I like him.  Who are they?  Does anyone know?

6. Preposition

links a noun or pronoun to another word

by, with, from, in, on, at, to, for, after, concerning

The book is under the desk.  He went to school. He wrote about it.

7. Conjunction

joins words of groups or words

for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so (FANBOYS)

She worked and she prayed.  He tried but he failed.  Will you do it, or should I?

8. Interjection

expresses strong feeling; an exclamation

oh!, wow!, ouch!

Oh!  Really!  Is that what happened?  Wow!  Ouch! That hurts! Hi!