Reading & Assignment Schedule

First Semester    

Session/Date            Play/Act(s)

  1. Midsummer Night's Dream, Act 1

  2. Midsummer Night's Dream, Act 2

  3. Midsummer Night's Dream, Act 3

  4. Midsummer Night's Dream, Acts 4-5

  5. Romeo & Juliet, Act 1

  6. Romeo & Juliet, Act 2

  7. Romeo & Juliet, Act 3

  8. Romeo & Juliet, Acts 4-5

  9. Twelfth Night, Act 1

10. Twelfth Night,  Act 2

11. Twelfth Night, Act 3

12. Twelfth Night, Acts 4-5

13. King Lear, Act 1

14. King Lear, Acts 2-3

15. King Lear, Acts 4-5

16. Semester Exam

Second Semester
Session/Date        Play/Act(s)

  1. As You Like It, Act 1

  2. As You Like It,   Act 2

  3.  As You Like It,   Act 3

  4. As You Like It,  Acts 4-5

  5. Othello, Act 1

  6. Othello,  Act 2

  7. Othello, Act 3

  8. Othello,  Acts 4-5

  9. The Tempest, Act 1

10.  The Tempest, Act 2

11.  The Tempest, Act 3 

12.  The Tempest, Acts 4-5

13.  Sonnets, #    1-38

14.  Sonnets,  # 39-77

15.  Sonnets, #  78-116

16.  Sonnets, # 117-154

Suggested Extra Credit Essay Topics

(Please check with the tutor.)

1st Essay- Narrative Essay on Romeo & Juliet: "A Tragic Love Story" A narrative is a story.   This assignment requires the student simply to tell the story of the play in his/her own words.  Try to focus your story on the main and/or most important points.  Assume that you are telling the story to someone who in unfamiliar with the play

2nd Essay- Expository Essay on Twelfth Night: "Reasons for Disguise" An expository essay is an essay which explains something.  In this play many of the characters wear "masks" and use "disguises."  Who wears disguises and when?  What purposes do these disguises serve?  How do they relate to each other?  This essay requires the student to try to explain, as clearly and simply as possible, the different reasons for the masks and disguises.   Assume that your reader is unfamiliar with the play.

3rd Essay- Persuasive Essay on As You Like It: "A Healthy View of Marriage?" A persuasive essay requires the writer to take sides on an issue and attempt to convince others that his/her view is best.  In this play marriage is one of the central themes.  There are four sets of lovers.    What are they like and why do they marry the men they do?  What does the play say about marriage?  This assignment requires the student to decide on whether or not this play reveals a healthy view of marriage.  Assume that your reader disagrees with you, and present arguments which might persuade him/her to agree with you.

4th Essay- Student's Choice (both play & topic): See the "Suggested Topics" below.

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