Ten Ways To Start a Sentence

1. Subject alone:
            The Greeks developed rule by the people.

2. Adjective + subject  
            The ancient Greeks developed democracy.

3. Adverb before subject:
            Remarkably, the Greeks developed democracy.

4. Adverbial phrase
any other ancient culture,
             the Greeks developed democracy.

5. Infinitive
            To rule by common vote was a political
            concept first developed by the Greeks.

6. Gerund
            Ruling by democratic vote was first
            developed by the Greeks.

7. Postponed subjects
            Above all other cultures it was the Greeks who
            first developed democratic government.

8. Conjunction
            However, it was the ancient Greeks who
            developed rule by the people.                           

9. Noun clause
            What the Greeks developed in a unique
            way was political rule by the people.

10. Participle
            Developed by the Greeks above all
            other cultures was democratic rule.