Great Books 1: 

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First semester:  Homer, The Iliad, trans. Fagles (Penguin Classics, 1991: ISBN 0140445927; Reissue ed. 1998: ISBN-10: 0140275363; ISBN-13: 978-0140275360) and The Odyssey, trans. Fitzgerald (Noonday Press ed., ISBN-10: 0374525749; Reissue ed. by Farrar, Straus & Giroux; 7th ed. 1998: ISBN-13: 978-0374525743); Sophocles, The Three Theban Plays, trans. Fagles (Penguin Classics, 1st ed.; 2000: ISBN-10: 0140444254; ISBN-13: 978-0140444254); Aeschylus, The Oresteia, trans. Fagles (Penguin Classics, Reprint ed., 1984: ISBN-10: 0140443339; ISBN-13: 978-0140443332).

Second semester:  Aristotle,
The Poetics, trans. S. H. Butcher (free E-text); Plato, Gorgias,
trans. W. Hamilton (Penguin Classics, Reprint ed., 1960: ISBN-10: 0140440941; ISBN-13: 978-0140440942): available "used and new" through Amazon associates; there is also a free E-text of the Gorgias which is available through the Gutenberg Project; Plutarch, The Rise and Fall of Athens, (9 biographies) trans. Scott-Kilvert (Penguin Classics, New Impression ed., 1960; ISBN-10: 0140441026; ISBN-13: 978-0140441024): there are free copies of the individual biographies which are available on the internet; here is a list of the nine biographies in the order in which they occur in the book and on our reading schedule.  The main link is:   Here are the individual links to the MIT e-texts:
    1. Theseus:;
    2. Solon;
    3. Themistocles;
    4. Aristides;
    5. Cimon;
    6. Pericles;
    7. Nicias;
    8. Alcibiades;
    9. Lysander;

The Histories  trans. David Grene (University of Chicago Press, Reprint ed., 1988; ISBN-10:  0226327728; ISBN-13:  978-0226327723); Plato, The Last Days of Socrates, trans. Tredennick (Penguin Classics, ISBN 014044582-X): available "used and new" through Amazon associates; also available directly from in a reissue, 2003 ed.: The Last Days of Socrates (Penguin Classics, Reissue ed., 2003: ISBN-10: 0140449280; ISBN-13: 978-0140449280).  If you have trouble finding a copy of The Last Days of Socrates (a compendium), there are free copies of the four individual works within The Last Days of Socrates  (i.e. Apology, Crito, Euthyphro, Phaedo) which are available on the internet (e.g. The American Colonist's Library:; Apology:; Crito:; Euthyphro:; Phaedo:

Highly recommended reference texts for this course include: (1) the Concise Oxford Companion to Classic Literature, ed. M.C. Howatson & Ian Chilvers (Oxford U. Press, 1993; ISBN
-10: 0192827081; ISBN-13: 978-0192827081); and (2) the Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Greece, by Robert Morkot (Penguin, 1997: ISBN-10: 0140513353; ISBN-13: 978-0140513356).  These books may be examined and/or purchased now online for a discount of 20-30%.   Simply click on the blue title above for a direct link to

For those who may have qualms about using or other online booksellers, please allow me to reassure you.  I have purchased literally hundreds of books through amazon (new & used) and other online booksellers over the past eight years, and I am 100% pleased with their service.  I have never experienced a snag.  However, if you prefer, you may want to check out your local used bookstores instead.