Latin 1:

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First & second semesters:
 * Wheelock's Latin, 6th edition, by Frederic M. Wheelock and R.A. LaFleur (HarperCollins, 2000), ISBN -10: 0060956410; ISBN -13: 978-0060956417): NOTE: The textbook is not currently available directly from (although the workbook is); however, numerous copies of the textbook are still available from Amazon Associate sellers (some "new" and "like new") which are linked through the website at at bargain prices.  * Workbook for Wheelock's Latin, 3rd rev. ed., by Paul T. Comeau and R.A. LaFleur (Harper Collins, 2000), ISBN-10: 0060956429; ISBN-13:  0060956424).

Highly recommended reference texts for this class are: (1) The # Latin & English Dictionary by John Traupman, rev. ed. (Bantam Books, 1995; ISBN-10: 0553573012; ISBN-13: 978-0553573015) or a similar dictionary); and (2) * 501 Latin Verbs, by R.E. Prior and Joseph Wohlberg (Barron's Educational Series, 1995;
ISBN-10: 0812090500; ISBN-13: 978-0812090505).  There is a Study Guide for the Wheelock's Workbook posted on the internet at the following website:   The Study Guide is also available for sale under the following title: A Comprehensive Guide to Wheelock's Latin: Newly Revised for Wheelock's 6th Edition by Dale A. Grote: Bolchazy-Carducci, 2001; ISBN-10: 086516486X; ISBN-13: 978-0865164864). 

These books may be examined and/or purchased now online by clicking on the titles above.  For those who may have qualms about using or other online booksellers, please allow me to reassure you.  I have purchased literally hundreds of books through amazon (new & used) and other online booksellers over the past eight years, and I am 100% pleased with their service.  I have never experienced a snag.  However, if you prefer, you may want to check out your local used bookstores instead.