Latin 2:  

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Required Text: * Wheelock's Latin, 6th edition, by Frederic M. Wheelock and R.A. LaFleur (HarperCollins, 2000), ISBN -10: 0060956410; ISBN -13: 978-0060956417): NOTE: The textbook is not currently available directly from; however, numerous copies of the textbook are still available from Amazon Associate sellers (some "new" and "like new") which are linked through the website at at bargain prices.  The Latin 2 tutorials does not use the Wheelock's Workbook.  The purpose is to allow more time to focus upon translation instead.  Students who have been working from the earlier edition of the textbook may continue to use it for Latin 2:  * Wheelock's Latin , the 5th edition, by Frederic M. Wheelock; ed. R.A. LaFleur (HarperCollins, 1995), ISBN 0064671798.  The differences between the 5th and 6th editions are fairly limited.  However, it will reduce confusion and save class time if everyone is using the same text.

In Latin 2 all of the assignments are taken directly from the textbook itself.  On the assignment schedule "P&R" refers to the "Practice & Review" Latin sentences; "SA" refers to "Sententiae Antiquae;" "Latin Passages" refers to the Latin paragraphs which follow the Sententiae Antiquae.  The first week which includes all three translation assignments in a single chapter is Chapter 3 (see pp. 21-22 in Wheelock's).  From that point until the end of the book every chapter includes all three sections.  The optional "Latin Challenge" listed at the end of each week's assignment refers to the stories in the separate book: the 5th edition of * 38 Latin Stories by Anne H. Garton (Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers; 5 edition, 1998: ISBN-10: 0865162891; ISBN-13: 978-0865162891) which is available for online purchase through usually within 24 hours.  (Click on the book titles above.)

Recommended Texts: In addition to the 5th edition of * 38 Latin Stories by Anne H. Garton (listed above) highly recommended reference texts for this class include:

   (1) Latin & English Dictionary by John Traupman, rev. ed. (Bantam Books, 1995: ISBN-10: 0553573012;
        ISBN-13: 978-0553573015; or a similar dictionary);

   (2) 501 Latin Verbs, by R.E. Prior and Joseph Wohlberg (Barron's Educational Series, 1995;
       ISBN-10: 0812090500; ISBN-13: 978-0812090505). 

   (3) Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin: With an Appendix of Latin Expressions Defined and Clarified, by
        Leo F. Stelten (Hendrickson Publishers, 1995; ISBN-10: 1565631315; ISBN-13: 978-1565631311).  

There is a Study Guide for the Wheelock's Workbook posted at the following website:   The Study Guide is also available for sale as: A Comprehensive Guide to Wheelock's Latin: Newly Revised for Wheelock's 6th Edition by Dale A. Grote: Bolchazy Carducci, 2001; ISBN-10: 086516486X; ISBN-13: 978-0865164864).  These books may be examined and/or purchased now through by clicking on the titles above.

For those who may have qualms about using or other online booksellers, please allow me to reassure you.  I have purchased literally hundreds of books through amazon (new & used) and other online booksellers over the past eight years, and I am 100% pleased with their service.  I have never experienced a snag.  However, if you prefer, you may want to check out your local used bookstores instead.